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Reality Minnow Fish Surfboard in 5ft 8

Reality Minnow Fish Surfboard 5ft 8.



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This model is a retro fish typical of the Twin Fins with the deep swallow tail ( 5 inch ) which first appeared in the Early 70s and has survived through to the present day but with an updated construction, slicker design and improved performance.

At a glance, this surfboard is short, wide and high in volume making it an ideal small wave vehicle. The construction is Epoxy with a super strong Bamboo deck and comes with a three box setup that takes multiple fin combinations from Twins, Twins plus small tail fin and the standard FCS 1 Thrusters.

A traditional vee bottom is highlighted by a clean sharp edge through the tail.

Product Features

  • 5 ft 8 x 20 ¾ x 2 ½ in - 34 ltrs
  • Comes with a tri set of plastic fins (black)

Condition: New

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