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Fanatic Stubby Foil Edition Sup Board 2018

The new Stubby Foil Edition adds another dimension to Fanatic's parallel rail shape. Fly above any ripple or dig your rails deep in a clean wall – you decide on the setup you ride.

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Fanatic's Stubby LTD SUP board combined with their Flow S1 Foil.

Fanatic's Stubby Foil Edition comes in the same shape as their Stubby LTD and offers the same easy and controlled flow if you decide to ride your regular Thruster fins. Once you change to Foil, their Stubby Foil Edition – available in 8’7” – creates a whole new dynamic. Catch waves of any size way before they hit the reef and ride them with new lines and a totally different approach. Their adjustable system with two longer tracks allows the use of different foils and finding their individual sweet spot. Additionally Fanatic equipped the Stubby Foil with strap inserts for optional Windsurf-Foiling. The greatest variety of multisport-use combined in one package.

BIAX FIBRE / FULL PVC SANDWICH LIGHT FINISH TECHNOLOGY (BXF) - Biax Glass fibre is a strong and super light layup. Perfectly suited to all our ProWave LTD, Stubby LTD, Stubby Foil and AllWave LTD models, the Biax weaving is a light and impact resistant material. When combined with a single PVC Sandwich and Wood / Biax heel reinforcements, it guarantees the most efficient construction in terms of weight and performance.

SUP Specs
  • Volume - 120L
  • Width 29.25”/ 74.3 cm
  • Length 8’7”/ 261.6 cm
  • Fittings 5x Multi-Box / 2x Track for Foil 4-Way System / 3x StubbyWave 5" (Futures Box) / RTM
  • Recommended User Weight: 75-95 kg
SUP Features
  • Two longer US base tracks adjustable for different style of Foils
  • Mastfoot insert and strap inserts for windsurfing /Windsurf-Foiling
  • Straighter, more parallel outline for a cleaner waterline / reduced drag
  • Short and wide ›Stubby-Nose‹ for maximum stability, reduced swing weight, fast change of direction and easy recovery
  • Winger swallow tail for the ultimate turning response / grip / control
  • Pulled down thin performance-rails for maximum carving
  • Hard release edges in the tail for direct acceleration and a light feel
  • Soft rails in the nose for smooth surfing
  • Lightly domed deck for maximum stability
  • Single concave entry, transitioning into a single /double concave mid section into a V / double concave through to the tail providing drive and super fast reactions off the tail
  • Thruster fin setup with 3 multi boxes

Condition: New

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