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Docs Proplugs Vented Ear Plugs

Developed and designed by a surfing physician the Doc's Pro Plugs have been preventing surfers ear, swimmers ear and eardrum ruptures since 1977.


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Doc's Proplugs is the only earplug that protects the ears from surfer's ear by keeping a warm pocket of air in the canal and keeping cold water out without impeding hearing and balance. Anyone with severe narrowing of the ear canal can avoid frequent water blockage by wearing Proplugs, the earplug for sports professionals. Severe exostosis can be prevented from progressing by wearing proplugs and reinforcing consistent warmth by wearing hoods, hats and hair-bands especially when sleeping at night.

Developed and designed by a surfing physician since 1977

  • Doctors recommend Proplugs
  • Prevents surfers ear, swimmers ear, and eardrum rupture
  • Helps ears equalize under water
  • Low price, high quality hypo-allergenic earplug
  • 8 preformed sizes for lifetime protection
  • No messy, sticky putty lost in ear canal
  • The ONLY earplug which does not disrupt earwax or obstruct the canal

** Vented version - not suitable for medical use. Suitable for swimming, surfing, scuba diving etc **


Please download the sizing chart and cut out the Pro Plugs template and test in your ear to determine the correct size

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