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Custom Surfboard Fundraiser for Leo Roach

All proceeds go towards the Leo Roach Go Fund Me Campaign.

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Josh Roach grew up on the Mornington Peninsula and like most keen surfer kids spent some time working for Trigger Bros. Josh and Lauri have a son Theo who was born in March 2015 with a rare condition called TOF OA. This is when the oesophagus isn't joined, and in Theo's case there are two fistulas (tubes) joining the oesophagus to the trachea. On day two of his life he was operated on to close the fistulas, and re-join the oesophagus. The surgeon was able to re-join the oesophagus, but was unsuccessful at closing off the tubes. After the 3rd attempt, the nerve that controls his vocal cord was damaged and his vocal cord was paralysed, so no air could pass through. He was then given a tracheostomy.

A Go Fund Me page has been setup to help ease the financial burden associated with caring for Theo.


Trigger Bros. Surfboards would like to donate the entire proceeds of 1 Custom Surfboard (shortboard through to Mal) to the fund.

If you are thinking about getting a new board for summer you can also help someone out along the way.

  • Only 1 Custom Surfboard is available
  • Choose BANK DEPOSIT during checkout. You will be charged only on completion of the board upon pickup instore. Do not transfer any money.
  • The final price will be determined based upon board size, colour, finish, fin system etc
  • The MINIMUM price with be $740 for a basic clear shortboard
  • Shipping is available at the cost of the purchaser.
  • Free shipping is not offered on this board
  • Paul Trigger will contact you to organise shaping the board.

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