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Bodyboard Nomad FSD Prodigy PE Cres

Nomad FSD Prodigy PE Cres 40inch Bodyboard.



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The FSD Prodigy PE cres is made from extruded polyethelyne 2.4lb denisty foam. The traditional bodyboard foam from day one, its attributes include instant flex and projection. An all round board with tonnes of features to keep it versatile.

Product Features
  • CORE: PE Core
  • STRINGER: Carbon Fibre Stringer
  • DECK: Cellu-Cushion® 8lb PE
  • HULL: Dura HDPE Slick Skin
  • RAILS: 55/45 Chine Double Rails
  • TAIL: Clipped Crescent
  • Contoured Deck
  • Channels
  • Nose Grips
  • Nose and Tail Buffers

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